2/19 Release Notes

We apologize for the delay since our last update, we've been heads down, working on a gnarly database migration for the last month.

This was the equivalent of renovating your house, during a house party, without the guests noticing. Moving forward, it will ensure that everything loads faster and that we can more quickly ship new features. We finally released it on Saturday 2/16 and have been quietly debugging it.

In short, hundreds of critical, internal changes from that, and a few external changes:

  1. The settings tab is now on the left of the home screen.

  2. There's a triangle icon on top of the screen, on the Home Tab to communicate ongoing changes to you.

  3. We've greatly expanded Post flexibility (on the + tab) to and added templates to help you brainstorm. You can now post a link or a "Call to Action", perfect for jobs and resources and event add dates for events.

  4. Like sensitivity was previously way too sensitive, now you can double tap as expected, like IG.

  5. Your posts now show up in a grid on your profile and there is a Post Detail page, when you press the individual post.

  6. aMessage conversations now dismiss the keyboard when you swipe down, similar to iMessage behavior.

Probably a lot more that we missed. We're back to being focused on external facing features and are excited to keep you updated more frequently.