1/14 Release Notes

Fixed multiple issues:

  1. We use an autocomplete library for Companies which works almost every time, but a couple of users could not find their organizations, so we added a way to enter your company manually, if the autocomplete library fails.
  2. Improved Contrast on onboarding steps

1/13 Release Notes

Fixed multiple issues:

  1. Issue Templates: whenever we decide to work on something we opt for less freeform descriptions of what we need to do, more structured inputs: what we're doing, a step to close the loop, a step to understand the impact of the feature we're requesting.
  2. Like Hearts were accidentally left off center.
  3. Links to user profiles were broken on the Cohort Detail and Place Detail pages.
  4. The Add Network button was missing from MyProfile tab from a recent update.

1/12 Release Notes

Fixed multiple issues:

  1. Network Detail Pages not loading
  2. Networks were not linking to Edit/New Network on the MyProfile tab, as expected.
  3. Avatars were crashing on pressing in Notifications.
  4. International locations were breaking the location text on Network Detail pages.

1/10 Release Notes

Fixed multiple issues and added new features.

  1. Offline Notices were showing while users were online.
  2. The Location step from onboarding was crashing.
  3. Notifications and Conversations are dedicated screens now.
  4. We added a Conversations notification counter to the header on the Home tab.
  5. You can actually know who liked a Post if you didn’t know their username: avatars and links to their profile show up.

1/11 Release Notes

Fixed multiple issues and added new features.

  1. Introduced first e2e tests: high speed simulated usage, to help us prevent future, repetitive mistakes.
  2. Revised our logo from v1 to v2.
  3. Our image uploading function was breaking, and it was difficult to upload in our staging environment, so we had to cross our fingers essentially. Now we can test internally.
  4. Introduced Cohorts: e.g. Class of 2007, to search.
  5. Editing profiles would crash the very first time a user set it
  6. Hid account specific Chat Actions, sending a Cosmic burrito) from other accounts.


  1. We used to use one large user avatar image and resize it client side for different scenarios, instead of actually cutting the file size. Now we properly generate a second image, a thumbnail, which should make loading more performant for you.

1/8 Release Notes

Fixed multiple issues and added new features

  1. Conversations are fixed!
  2. Messages are cached, so loading conversations feels instant.
  3. Unread message count refreshes in realtime.
  4. Updated Discover page style and added an All tab for exploration.
  5. Profiles now have usernames at the top for reference.
  6. People records are now searchable by username and employer.

PS. If you already have Alum, you can simply close and restart the app to get the latest update.

1/4 Release Notes

Fixed multiple issues

  1. A company logo was missing, showing an infinite spinner.
  2. Users experienced a white screen when navigating to the Notification Settings page.
  3. "16 days ago" felt weird, so changed that to more palatable relative times. e.g. "2 weeks". This will help us with screen real estate for upcoming features.

Still working on a major update to fix conversations, stay tuned.

Conversations are down

☝️We're diligently working on a fix.

Update 1/8: Fixed

1/1 Release Notes

Happy New Year! Fixed multiple issues:

  1. iPhone X users were experiencing an input form that was cut off by the keyboard, also hiding the next button.
  2. "The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill" was incorrectly shortening to "TUNCaCH" instead of "UNC-CH", updated that function to handle more variations.
  3. Many deprecated server side functions were still active.
  4. It was difficult to pinpoint who experienced an error, making it harder to resolve.

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